Lol, so I just threw my phone across the room

All 6 of todays monolopho’s were not enough to get even 1 level on my monomimus. Totaly beyond frustrated with this @#$%*#$ RIGGED fusion system.

Anyway, yeah that was dumb, never threw my phone in anger before, due to any game. The stylus popped out but I just put it back in and the phone seems fine, thankfully! :rofl:

But really, I’m about done with this broken game. Cacelled VIP a few days ago, so will prolly be un-installing the app soon, especially if its going to continue to treat me like it has been!

It’s not JUST that im too frustrated to play this game (because I am anymore), I also am growing weary of all these GPS based, “drag your butt all over town” to play type games. Ghostbusters is coming out in a few days, even though its still GPS based, I will try it out to see if its fun, (and not frustraiting and rigged like jurrassic park alive.)

Even if I like Ghostbusters, winter is coming, so unless they have a ton of activities to do from a static wifi location, i doubt that I will be playing that game much either.

I wonder if Ludia is planning on adding a TON of winter events that dont require getting outside?


What level is your monomimus? Please don’t break your equipment over a game.

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Was trying to go from 21 to 22.

Yeah that was dumb for sure. Never done anything like that before, and will never again. :wink:

what were your average dart completions for each mono? just curious

Heck yea!!!

Was all over really. Got a few 120’s but mostly 140ish and higher. I had like 800 something dna in the end but the resulting fuses broke all progress and hopes.

They really need to remove the tens from the fusions imo.

Don’t get too excited they just moved the release date up! Only 1 day but that usually isn’t a great sign!

I’d rather have a polished product than it being rushed.