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Lol, so yeah, all 6 epic birds escaped today


5 of them were still on a yellow bar, meaning I could have gotten 40 - 80 more DNA on each bird.

Players have made you guys aware of this problem since birds launched and you have done nothing. You guys are really starting to show your incompetence.

Remove the dang fence already, or do something to fix the problem. Thanks.


Not too sure if it’s incompetence or intentional :thinking:


Yeah 3/6 of mine escaped before countdown too. So annoying!


My first alanqa escaped, and I had plenty of time left. Managed to get 181… perhaps they try to cap the max dna…To make more money with their incubators. Trying to limit what the consumers want, little did they know the pterosaurs are not in demand :joy:


ludia be like, looky looky an epic…



Many more dinos all around are escaping for me. This raptor escaped, time ran out, and last dart hit all at the same instant. This is at level 16, so 12 directs and a 13… still ran for the fence and nearly made it.

I almost never run out of time on any flier. At least 90% escape no matter how many direct hits I get.


Yup, all 6 of mine escaped as well. I’ve already done all the strike events and done the fusing. My Alankylosaurus is only level 19 so don’t think I will be able to use her :joy:


It’s not incompetence, they’re just ignoring people that whine about something that is part of the game.

It would be nice if they made it so there’s a way to stop them from getting to the escape lines, but so far not yet.


Why is everyone so rude recently?


@Idris show off!! lol mine is only lvl 17. it was useable at lvl 16 so you should be good to go with that birb.


@Pateradactyl :rofl::rofl::rofl: In my foolish moments last week I bought several incubators looking for Ankylosaurus. None of them gave me any but one did give 200 Alanqa so that helped a lot. I’m at Jurassic Ruins now facing teams of level 23 Uniques so I don’t think level 19 Alankylosaurus is a match against Diorajasaur :fearful:


Ordinarily I wouldnt join in and beat this dead horse but… I had an alanqa escape after 2 darts today, 2 $!#;$&&! Darts…


181!! That’s an awesome score! What’s your level? I’d be stoked just getting 100 :rofl:


how many trophies do you have?


And if they didn’t get away we’d have people complaining that it wasn’t realistic enough. I get that it’s frustrating, but chasing a flying :bird: with a drone should be a little difficult.


Hovering between 4200 and 4400, but I only battle for exclusive dna


Ouch, that is brutal :frowning:


should be fine. my buddy is around 4600 and uses it. im about 4400 hundred after a huge butt whooping and losing streak but at that level i was not seeing all uniques. maybe and indo here and there


this bird was a pain for me though. getting that first direct hit was horrible lol.


4 battles in a row today with the same player who had uniques, I could only take ot 2 of theirs each time. On my 5th try I came up against a level 12 players but they too somehow had four uniques. I was able to win that one since their uniques were only at level 21. All that effort for a 3 hour incubator that will probably give me more Stygimoloch Gen 2 :rofl: