London Natural History Museum (photos)

Yesterday was my other half’s birthday and she has never been to the Natural History Museum, so as a surprise myself and her best friend took her out for the day down to London for a day of walking around the museum.

I was banned from playing JWA (my other half hates me playing it) but I did manage to escape and catch some sneaky dinosaurs while walking through the dinosaur exhibits. Just don’t tell her. :smiley:

I thought some of you might like to see some of the photos.

An Allosaurus skeleton leaping through the rafters.

An Arsinotherium skeleton. Waiting for this one to appear in JWA.

Skeleton of a Camarasaurus.

The Skull of Chasmosaurus although sadly he has no horns.

The well known skeleton of Coelophysis. When i was a kid almost every dinosaur book had an arts drawing of this very skeleton.

The “terrible claws” of Deinocheirus. Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph very well as the lights create competing shadows.

The tail club of a Euplocephalus. A lot bigger than it looks here.

The skeleton of a Gallimimus. Bigger in person than it appears in the Jurassic movies.

Icthyosaurus, Mosasaurus (sorry for the poor quality) and a Plesiosaurus. Ludia, can we please have these in the game? Pretty please?

There a couple Iguanodon skeletons about, as well as a seperate spiked hand and a foot. This was the easiest one to get a good picture of.

Skeletons of a Mammoth and Megatherium.

Skulls of Pachycephalosaurus and Parasaurolophus

And lastly, the partial lower jaw of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


These are really cool! One time I got to go into the archives of the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT and see the various fossils that they stored there. My favorite was the Ankylosaurus club tail fossil they had. Thanks for sharing!

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Almost forgot this one! The Diplodocus that normally stands in the entrance has been taken on tour. They have an impressive Blue Whale skeleton hanging up there now, but a bit further in there is a Stegosaurus on display instead.

That last plesiosaur is a Rhomaelosaurus


That’s awesome. I would love to see what they have at the NHM behind the scenes.

Yes, I believe it was.

Your secret’s safe with us, Colin.
Thank you for such amazing pictures.


Dippy is in my city at the moment! Seen it before, but booked my ticket ages ago to see it again. Dragging my lad and his mum along as well. :}

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Cool. I saw it when I last went to the NHM about seven years ago. Impressive seeing it in person.

I was there the day before new year, that whale skeleton is HUGE!

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Blue Whale skeleton.


Wonderful pictures @Colin_Goodman!

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Thank you. It was a great day out.