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Long cooldown

How to complete the event which has much stronger dinosaurs as mine when I fail and I have to wait 6 hours for my best dinosaur to cooldown?
I need to do 3 battles and by doing the math, it is impossible to complete within 24 hours.

I am still working on getting better dinosaurs, the best I have are a diplotator lvl 30 and a T. rex level 20 the others are lacking behind which I am still working on
My park is level 34, coins and food are not a huge issue but mostly the long hatching times.

Tips are welcome!

You’re lacking depth in your lineup .
You just took your top dinos too far and others are lagging behind.
Your event opponents are decided mostly based on your top 3 dino ferocity. So if you take 2/3 dino too far ahead from the pack behind your events become too difficult .
I’d suggest deepening your lineup.
You’re gonna need more (2/3)diplotater lv25+ ,2/3 t rex lv25+ , 2 labrynthosaurus lv35+ , 1/2 alangasarus lv40. You need at least 2 of each class at top .
What pterosaurs do you have ? You need tapejalosaurus lv15+ / pelecanipteryx lv31+ / limnorhynchus lv40( I’d not do it unless it’s the only one I’ve) .


I only got a few pteras at level 20
One herbivore legendary at level 10
Barely at other amphibians I am working on that though but the hatch time is extremely long for the legendary dinosaurs.
If I were to sell my diplomatie and make a new level 10 one would I get better matchups?

Actually yes. People have done it. someone sold their indoraptor to make events easier.
But you need low gap between your top dinos afterwards. The problem is not only taht matchups are difficult but also that you don’t have multiple top teams that can be used in events.
So if you sell the diplotater lv30. Try keeping dinos near the lv20 t rex but not exceed it. There’s a dino data spreadsheet in this forum where you can check the ferocity of dinos at lv10/20/30/40.
Don’t feed each dino to max if it crosses your top dino.
You can calculate ferocity using the formula Health +3.2 × attack. It’s an approximate value which works almost everytime.

Thanks I sold it and I am going to make one of level 10
Also going to work on other dinosaurs,
How about the stakeholder event and champion event there is no way in hell that my level 20 T. rex.”, level 30 Nundasuchus and level 10 T. rex can win

Stakeholders event is always a tough one. Your today’s event are mostly gone. They were based on that lv30 diplotater . You should start deepening your lineup , and start doing events from tomorrow.

I think I can beat the rarity rumble with some strategy and luck, same goes for vip event.
I am hatching more dinosaurs to deepen th lineup.
I am working on fusing two birds, not level it past level 10.
Hatching an erliko as well.
And going to level up some rares and make more trikes for money

If you wanted to do the events today. Should have completed the events before selling the diplotater. And then sell if before tomorrow.

I have won the rarity rumble and working on the vip battle and going good.
The stakeholder and aquatic are not gonna succeed as I have just come in the possession of aquatic dinosaurs and still need better and higher levels one.
Got a silly ophiacodon from the rarity bundle

There are two things that determine what you face in events, 1 is the ferocity of the top of your lineup (theory is the top three), the other is your park level. Depth is king in this game if you haven’t already find the thread where I layout Ferocity and why it is the most important metric in this game.


Yeah I just found a thread like that, should I stop leveling my park awhile?

Leveling your park is fine but just keep in mind as you increase your park level some events will require stronger creatures. You just need to be aware of it so as you cross new lvls be aware of events that seem like they get harder. Especially if you haven’t raised the top of your lineup but an event gets harder that’s typically a sign of an event that is geared towards park level and not just the top of your lineup. Getting to lvl 50 is key in my book so you can get access to the trade harbor.

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Level 50 is what I was going for!
Working hard on improving my lineup but hatching takes time.
It also does not help I accidentally put a liopleurodon of three days in slot 1
It still needs 2 days and the Erliko 4 days,
I got more legendary that need hatching but I am going to make some hybrids and level some rares asap

I would keep pushing toward level 65, so you qualify for Clash of Titans and the unlocks for Gen 2 Fury. That said, you have to increase your Creature Ferocity while doing this, going along with @Sionsith 's post above. It is a bit of a balancing act, but I would lean toward unlock opportunities, sacrificing some of the level based events if necessary.

Great, thanks for the tips!
I am going to work on getting some better dinos for land and aquatic.
I will also make more trikes to make sure indient run out of coins.
Any good bird dinosaurs that you would recommend?

When I was bringing up my creatures, I started at the bottom and worked my way up, making at least one level 40 of each unlocked creature. I used the back three Hatchery Pods on Legendary + creatures to bring up my tournament lineup using the same bottom up principle. I would hatch any new creature as soon as possible, and if the game exposed a weakness or hole in my lineup, I would work to plug it. This method kept me out of too much trouble. I would supplement this by hatching what the game gives you, particularly on locked creatures.

Specifically on Pterosaurs, if you can make Pelecanipteryx or Tapejalosaurus, do that. I also used Rhamphorhynchus and Pteranodon a lot. The VIP Ptersosaurs are amazing. You can’t have too many copies of any of them.

Thanks I will start working on those!
I got some legendary dinos from the drop prize, going for diamond this week, let us hope for a Ptera!

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@Reviews_by_Supersven may I see your lineup?

Sure what is the best way to make a picture? When no one is on cooldown?

I don’t mind if they’re on Cooldown or not. I am not sure about other phones but I press my power button and my volume down button at the same time