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Long Invincibility?


I’ve just unlocked my first Legendary and I already have a question about her “Long Invincibility” move (Invincibility for 2 turns). The question is this: If I use this move and my enemy use a move which break shields during the first turn, I still have it in the next turn or not?


Nope… you’re just vincible then.


Lol vincible… damm characters


Invincibility is a 100% shield. So yes, any shield-breaking or nullifying strikes will go through it.


Thanks, it would be too op in that case actually :joy:


She’s still a good beastie!


Very depressing when you see your shield disappear knowing what comes next!


Yes, of course, she have same armor of Amargo but is faster!


Head to head it won’t kill a stegodeus, but it will create enough damage so that your next dino can easily take care of it. Its not a bad beast.