Long Journey to Arctovasilas

I’ve got a start and going for the eventual Legendary Arctalces and then to the Apex Arctovasilas.

Only because I got to have them all. I’m sure I’ll have the other Apex’s first, even if the winter snow and cold temps put off the late January, early February estimated time of creation.


I’m getting there, ever so slowly, and some days this daily routine of Apex raiding is getting really tediously painful. I’m on 60 strait days of raiding and the first full week I didn’t beat them all.


Good luck.


Trying to fuse Arctalces dna for the Arctovasilas Apex dinosaur is a load of junk, i got 1 x 60, 2 x 50, 5 x 40, 7 x 30, 11 x 20 but amongst all.of those was an absolute truckload of 10 dna,s as well … 216 x 10 dna fuses !
This just goes to show that when giving out decent amounts of dna during a fusing stage LUDIA are not exactly the most generous game makers on the planet.
Small wonder there are thousands of players world wide still struggling like crazy to get enough dna to actually create the Arctovasilas Apex dinosaur.
To put it simply we are given many chances to get the Arctodus bear dna but very rarely get many chances at the Cervalces reindeer at all.

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Just to give you an idea what kind of fuses you will get for Arctovasilias, here is my numbers:

To unlock: ~17 fuses
7 - 10’s
8 - 20’s
1 - 30
1 - 40

You get an average of around 17.64 DNA per fuse.

I got a 10, 40 & 50 after unlocking so I can level mine to 27.

I’m in the process of unlocking Ankylos Lux and it is generally the same numbers.
If I don’t get another string of 10’s, I’m hoping to unlock this one in 3 or 4 more fuses so maybe by next weekend unless I get a lucky 40 or 50.

Got a crazy lucky 50 on vasilas, only 10 more dna to go

Unlocked Anlylos Lux earlier this week and been working on the Vasilas at the same time. Trying to grind the deer to 1,000 so I can get a multifusion to bring horned bear to 200 needed. Tomorrow I should be able to bring the deer to 1,000 and if I get 120 on the multifusion or more, I’ll finally get the last (for now) fusionable apex.

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I totally agree. They are stingy in giving dna and it takes forever to create enough dna for Arctovasilas.

My testa is almost ready. After collecting the season reward i might be able to start. If i can get more arctodus and cervalces dna till the end of this season my arctlaces will be ready too

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