Long Neck Challenge recruiting more longnecks!

Long Neck Challenge is recruiting!

We are looking for active players who take part in every part of the game including raids, battles and darting. You should complete your daily missions and earn your daily battle incubators every day, as well as enter every tournament and get at least 10 takedowns each weekend.

Secondly, it is mandatory for our members to be active in our Discord server. We use Discord to coordinate raids. We also offer help with pvp and tournaments, provide critical information regarding sanctuaries, mission progress, and tournament progress on Discord. Discord participation is crucial to helping the alliance achieve our goals. :slight_smile:

What we offer:
-3x Level 20 co-op sanctuaries
-Reward Tier 7-8 in alliance championship depending on whether 4 or 5 week month.
-Reward Tier 10 in exploration & Tier 9 in defense weekly incubators
-Able to complete all raids, including Apex raids. If you have proper raid dinos for the strats and are level 18+ we can help you get them done too.
-Active community with raids throughout the day and tested strats. Partner alliances often help us with apex raids when our bigger players are not around.
-Tournament help and analytics with data from our partner alliances
-Laid-back environment with an understanding that real-life comes first. The game is meant to be fun, not a job!

Contact me or reply to this post with any questions. Thanks and have a good day!