Long ongoing raid issues

Reposting because apparently commenting on your past post on an issue that remains unresolved 10 months ago is necroposting.

Whenever a raid is passed to another player and the raid is unsuccessful whether it be surrender or death, the team is not given the option to retry the battle but is just stated that the lobby is no longer available. It is a hassle because now players will need to bother other teammates to pass the lobby each attempt the same team makes. Please fix this issue and address it. It happens if the player from the other time zone is not participating in the raid.

Also while I am at it, there are constant issues with the friends list not populating proper names and player names are displayed as loading or guest instead of who that player is. We are able to see the alliance they belong in but not the players themselves.
Along with the ongoing raid failure invite where the only known bandaid is being invited multiple times and even then it’s not a guarantee it goes through.
Please address these ongoing quality of life issues if raiding Is going to be a larger part of the game. These are huge hassles and it’s been almost a year since this has been put to the teams attention

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