Long tap on move doesn't count armor and shield


It used to be so that long tap on a move in a battle, that shows how much damage will be done, didn’t count opponent’s shield. It was fixed.

But now it doesn’t even count armor. Sometimes it shows that I will kill other dino but that not true if it has armor.


Yeah I’ve noticed this a few times as well. Go to kill a dino, hold move to see damage potential, says that it will kill it, attack, they are left with health… utter confusion happens as I watch my dino die because the opponent dino has a flicker of health left due to the game not calculating something correctly and me taking the loss because of it. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t know if I can trust that a move is going to kill a dino therefore it effects my strategy and causes me to lose more than I would otherwise.


Must admit that as a software developer I will often defend Ludia given the sheer size of the app and its complexity but this bug really shouldn’t have sneaked through … that said I didn’t even know you could preview the damage until recently so I’ve just gone back to using my best guess based on my knowledge of comparitive abilities :rofl: