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Long term gaming

What is complete bs is they give players in lower arena less boosts in the incubator. So basically, they are creating (long term) a gap in players. If I stay in aviary for 2months. I am guaranteed 60 extra speed boosts as well as the others to those below. That’s basically allowing me to level up to t5 4 Dino’s while others only 3.
Another way to look at this is t7-t8. 256 boosts. It take me 64 days. It will take other arena players 86 days. This compounds then cause when they are finished and get t8 I am now 88 more trophies in my bank. So if we repeat the process they need another 88 day, where I would only need 41 days and I have a second t8. When they arrive for their 2nd t8. I have 188 in the bank.
What is even worse, if you are a new player you can not even get boosts till lvl10. I think it took me 2 plus months to get to lvl10. So they get good Dino’s spend the time and have absolutely no way of ever catching up. Till end game. Which I see as at least a 2 year process for a person who moderately spends. Natural fall off of a game is they are lucky to keep 40% after 6 months and 80% of those players in this type of game is f2p. (Researched it). But if they can not catch up and are treated different (payment from incubators wins of boosts) who is going to stick around. Then compound that fact with people like this who are being forced to drop arenas and they keep falling further behind, the future of this community is very questionable. You may disagree with this, but the proof is already in front of us. Ludia, in aviary, had to change the battle format filters from any one of 4300-9k trophies. This change was simply cause those who spent could not get battles. But what Ludia is ignoring on this fact is that those spenders probably battle 20 plus times a day. While the majority of their customers want to get their free incubator and try to have an incubator going on the timer. So some thing that took 20 minutes to do, is taking much longer, killing players spirit, and creating a gap in trophy counts. This alone prevents players getting into aviary and this also leading to the disparity in boosts.
It’s their game, and they probably have a long term plan, but who is going to be around to see it?