Longer battles ≠ better or more fun battles

I used to play a long time ago, but came back when I happened to notice they were putting the bear in the game. (I’ve always really liked the short faced bear). But holy crap the arena is absolute garbage now. I don’t know how often I just close the app and go away because of how boring it is… Testa, phorurex, flocks, that epic sloth thing, and good knows what else I’m forgetting. The battles just drag and I just don’t care that much.


Longer battles allow strategy to develop, I think they’ve tried a lot to speed up battles and it’s horrible for the arena. Remember when you had to think before you swapped? Remember when you could use a slowing move knowing you’d die but leave a set up? The game is beyond saving but not because the battles are too long


I will say that long battles can be annoying especially with mirror matchups

The epic sloth thing. I had to have something to counter the Indominus Rex everyone has, and a few other things. Although now with Indominus having revenge, it’s not been the first thing pulled. It gets pulled now after I take out my opponents first creature.

I play a lot of odd ball creatures others don’t and seem to do as well as the usually played creatures. I get the 50-50 win lose rate but, yea, longer matches because of the swapping kinda has me going, “Do I really feel like playing?” I liked the old days with wham, bam you win or lose.

I’ve done the all flock teams and the same old 50-50 win-lose but takes twice as long so I don’t integrated flocks too often.

Longer battles are fine…until it crosses the line and you get a matchup that’s something like testa vs testa and I’d rather go outside and watch the grass grow. Or you get a poor matchup resulting in pulling 0 good counters, and go up against an opponent that’d rather troll you than immediately ko your team.