Longer darting time the closer you are?

Erm… I think I missed the boat on this one…

Do you get more time the closer to the creature you are??!?

Asking for a friend… ahem

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You have answered your question by yourself right now.


Yes indeed. You can see the battery sign of your drone in the right corner of your screen. If it displays the battery as full you get max time for darting. The further away you are the less battery life it displays and the less time you get.

But do any of you have info on the intervals of battery life? Because in the green range you can still see an increase of battery life from almost full to full when you come closer. Does this have an effect on the time you get to dart? Or is the entire “green range” 15 secs? If it does change the time you get, at what distance does the battery show full and do you get max time and is this 15 secs or more? (In the guide below you see an almost full battery in the green range)

I found this:

"launching your drone consumes one battery. This battery lasts longer the closer you are to the dinosaur ( longer battery life = more darts shot = more DNA acquired ). Though we don’t yet have the exact distances at which battery life changes, there appear to be three distance tiers. Below are our best estimates of the distances for each tier:

  • Near—green “launch” icon: < 80 m from dinosaur — 15 sec to dart
  • Far—orange “launch” icon: 81–150 m from dinosaur — 12 sec to dart
  • Distant—red “move closer” icon: > 150 m from dinosaur — unable to launch drone"


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Dinos come in range when you are within 150m/200m(VIP). As you go near them, the battery capacity increases till you reach within 50m (VIP) when the battery shows as full.

If you are asking if we get more dart time on getting closer (e.g.: 5m vs 50m), I think the answer is no. Once the battery if full, getting closer doesn’t seem to matter.


Actually she hasn’t, neither has she said yes or no, therefore she didn’t answer her own question when asking it.

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Oh no :joy::joy::joy: bless you, have you been darting them whever they are in the circle all this time?

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I always try to get as close as possible, i have a quirk that the closer i am the less likely the wall will appear😂


@VargRanger: Be cautious of this habit/quirk!
There have been many instances with me where the dino has disappeared when I reach around 50m range and I try to go closer. I always try to console myself saying despawn timer was up, but this has happened so many times that I launch my drone as soon as I hit the 50m mark and don’t waste another second.


This is mainly event dinos, ones that i come across in the wild i tend to dart as close as possible for that exact reason.

But her answer lies in her question or am I wrong?

Not really no. I know what you mean, but the question doesn’t actually have the answer.

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that is correct, the answer was in fact contained within her question.


image https://giphy.com/gifs/cartoonhangover-cute-cartoon-hangover-L0crbpKuc6DmFsWa00

image https://giphy.com/gifs/nickelodeon-nick-nicky-nrdd-l41YdsODa6HzvmNDG

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Oh goodness me, :slightly_frowning_face: I’m so sad for you!

Haha cleverly done! :laughing:

if this is a confessions type thread, i’ll admit that i’m level 18 and never knew there was a damage preview until this week.

i would always just shout encouragement at my little guys and hope for the best.

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4 1/2 months…! :weary:

I thought the shorter/longer times were RNG…

I also thought I was a fairly bright person…

Time to re-evaluate :weary:

Going to need a minute here… alone. Curled up. In a dark room.



To be fair you’re right in that I thought I knew the answer… but was looking for confirmation… your “you answered your own question” was indeed confirmation in the same cryptic way my question was put.

It is so obvious now.

But I don’t like it :cry:

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Yeeeah I only realised this about 2 weeks before the .4 update myself :see_no_evil:

Then the .4 update brought all new shenanigans to it :sweat_smile:

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