Look a new idk dino


Thanks I don’t play Jurassic world alive

It could be yeah. But the colour on this one looks waaaay cooler

in jurassic world alive it’s a spinosaur-raptor hybrid with wounding abilities

Look nice but was hoping for a common as noob can feel good that they have a super hybrid and it was carnivore, herbivore, amphibian, than flyer but why another carniviour

Looks like a level 40 sarcosuchus color

Still dont

We need Alangalophosaur
(Alangasaurus and Dilophosaurus

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Oh wow! Really love the look of this new creature! About time we got a new super hybrid. Question is, what do we need to make it?
I think S-DNA will probably be from a spinosaurus, maybe baryonyx.
As for the base hybrid… perhaps Spinoraptor, sense that is made with spinosaurus DNA? If anyone has any ideas about how to make it, feel free to throw them out.

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Because of the “suchus” i assume it’s Spinoraptor + some amphibian.

Is that tapejolocephalus a real leak?

Spinoraptor+ kaprosuchus dna


Now that I think of it, the way it holds it arms, and the jaw design… That might actually be the requirement.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Drogon made his appearance into JW The Game…


Fairly certain this is where the SDNA will come from:


Spinosaurus, Kaprosuchus, and… raptor. Yeah.

Never they’ll have Diorajasaur… Godzilla will rise!

Ya I saw it too

Dragon World The game or Dragon World alive…