Look at all of you crying nerf

Nerf Stegosaurus and Dimorphodon, really? You all think those two are the biggest issue?

Have you all forgotten the REAL threat?
The one that should be nerfed above all else?

Apatosaurus is unkillable. It has the highest health imaginable. If you try to bleed it, it does max damage on its next turn. You can’t distract it, rend it, nothing! You can’t do anything to it. Its too powerful!

Come on. Wake up! THIS is the monster that needs to be nerfed to smithereens.


I have been using Apato and can fully admit that it is very OP. I mean, it’s basically a cheaper Skoona and we all know how strong Skoona is. Now imagine it as a common and spawns everywhere? You get Apato


Apato Op!! :stopwatch:


Anyone gonna mention Parasaurolophus and Iguanodon yet? At least you can damage Apato and apply some negative effects. Para and Iguano? They cleanse literally every negative effect in the game, and every time you damage them, they heal it back. Both of them are beyond broken for both similar and different reasons. They share a similar broken moveset, but Iguanodon instead has PRIORITY on its heal, while Para instead has a monstrous 4500 health and 1200 attack. No one knows what truly needs nerfing until they’ve fought one of these infinite health powerhouses.


What about Tenontosaurus? It’s basically Iguanodon but with an extra healing move? Or Edmontosaurus, who can heal and have Resilient Impact?

Don’t get me started on Edmontoguanodon


What about Gallimimus it can dodge and do an giant impact


We’re really gonna forget how dangerous Allosaurus gen 1 is? Has more attack and speed than Giganotosaurus…


Why is it level 15 tho? You only need it at level 10


Wanted to overcompensate.


I guess it’s good for XP

This post is truly entertaining and reminds me of why I came to this forum, after all the misery and negativity this game may have caused, intentionally or not. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Been too much negativity, need some good vibes around here!


So… is everyone here tryna nerf Common creature who poorly the weakest thing in the game? Makes sense anyway…

What about Proceratosaurus it has 2 giant impacts that can lower ur damage

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Andrew food

Did someone bring up my nerf dimorphodon thread over 2 months later lol

Because it’s just that broken

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Because its so broken you need it on your team

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