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Look at the bright side!

We must (or at least try to) look at the bright side, so why can’t we choose the background we want in arenas? For example: a player who is currently on aviary could choose any of the past arenas as background but couldn’t select Lockwood Library until he/she reaches it.
I don’t know if has been suggested before, but then it would look like this:

At the beggining of the fight we would see our arena name and then we see the background we selected.
Some arenas have such beautiful backgrounds and designs, but that’s sad that we can’t see them again… So that’s my suggestion


Yeah I’d love to get the Sorna Marshes and the Lockwood Manor backgrounds again.


I’d actually love this. They should really do it. Nublar Jungle, Sorna, Mt Sibo. I miss those areas.

I love this Idea… maybe @Ned can pass this along :eyes::eyes:


Yeah, maybe @Ned can pass this along :eyes::eyes::eyes: