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Look at these 3 pics and tell me to adapt to this

To everyone defending it. To everyone saying its ok. To everyone who thinks its a good thing. I want you all to look at these 3 pictures and then tell me its fair. Dino levels! 21 spino, 23 indo, 23 thor. I literally just played against this 20 minutes ago. I can’t adapt to this stuff ludia. I literally can’t beat this. Have i ever wanted my t rex to outspeed velociraptor? No no i have never wanted such an atrocious thing. Dear lord.



who said this is ok?


This game is sucks because of matchmaking

If you don’t like it then simply better it. Remember the saying/song?
Anything you can do, I can do better
I can do any thing better than you

Too frustrating games

The PvP matchmaking sucks even thegamingbeaver


You must be kidding. Its not possible to get those numbers using legitimate means.

It is if you spend a lot of money on the game.

Kind of hard to better it when people that gamed the system got an insurmountable advantage.

There’s no way to catch up now.

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Nice! I want the boosters back in shop!!

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Stop trolling the thread. This is serious. I thought people were kidding when they said they encountered insane thors because of boosts until i came across this. Theres no way i could reach this in the next 5 months. Literally.

Please post it in this thread!
Would be great for the collection!

Ludia came up with Stat Boosts cause they ran out of ideas.

Nothing you can do. They spent lots of money when they could but now even that option doesn’t exist.

It’s really stupid though because the arena is basically just for incubators now… Speed should’ve never been able to be mitigated with boosts.

Someone has deep pockets.

Holy smokes dat speed