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Look at those three pics, do you still think the arena is balanced Ludia?

The pics were all from the same player.


which two did you take down? or did he swap twice?

i have a high level team, but i’m not sure i would have seen more than 1 of these.


I just threw up a little… That’s so disgusting to see.

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You dont want to know which alliance …

I’m kind of curious now. Pm me? Lol

Nothing wrong with the utahsinraptor tbh
I’ve got mine to tier 5.5.4 and no i didn’t use the exploit boosts thing.

I paid for them each day as it was supposed to be :blush:

Oh I’ve just noticed the speed :man_facepalming:

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I’m not sure you can get its speed that high even if you only used speed boosts on it.

One is fine, but three having that high speed? I am sure the player’s other dinosaurus are powerful too.

I am just frustrated. The boost system really needs to re-work.


I’ve noticed the speed on the utahsinraptor yup

I agree boosts need to be reworked.

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We actually suggested to ludia to revert all boosts because this not good for the game. Hoping to hear from them soon. We don’t like this situation either. This is too much for the game. And it’s not fun anymore, to be honest. We really need to restart this boost system.


I know XD

What can I say, they are more than that

How should we know? Where are your team pics?

I’m impressed that you managed to see three of his dinos - or was he swapping just to toy with you?

But honestly, your team is not really helping the situation here. The battles I had only made me want to quit.

i mean, did he just show us?


It gets worse. You must not have battle some other teams. Tier 7-8 damage and hp


How are you dealing with the frustration? I need some advice.

We reported it to them when we found them. We don’t like this too. So hoping they will make a fair fix for this problem soon.

For now I’m just battling in the arena to farm incubators. That’s all.


Also having a highly boosted team to compete helps

Just farming incubators. All we can do. Matches are either 3-0 or 0-3. Hardly get even matches anymore


yeah i just try to battle super late so its hopefully a bot

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