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Look at those three pics, do you still think the arena is balanced Ludia?

I’m really sorry for that games. It’s just for the incubators. Believe me I don’t like this too. . Not at all. But while waiting for the fix, I’m trying to collect exclusive DNAs from incubators.

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Ludia have stated to me in a email they can’t interfere with things in players game if paid for already. But yes they are looking at other options about boosts, So don’t know how that will work if you think they will take them back.

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Unless he knows something the rest of the community doesn’t, I don’t think anyone KNOWS what is going to happen. We’re all speculating and hoping at this point

I really hope they remove all boosts, start from scratch and release very slowly. But of course, return all HC players spent.


pretty sure this is the op’s op team, not someone he faced.

I know only what the response in the email said which is actually true they can’t interfere in things that have already been paid for in the game.

But yes this community is all about speculation

I wouldn’t care if they removed all of them tbh
I believe it was a stupid idea to begin with.

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They have shown over the last week they are not interested in fair fixes. If they didn’t take rewards back that people didn’t pay for they arent likely to take boosts from people that did pay for them.


Me and him had three battles, all 0-3.

Nah, he did not toy with me. We battled more than once.

im not a lawyer, but this section of the TOS makes it seem like they can change whatever they want, whenever they want (subject to actual laws). so they can interfere with purchases and take back the boosts if they wanted to.

guessing the whole delay is discussions with lawyers and is mainly a legal issue at this point


I’ve only seen speed boosts available in the game 1 time, durring one day this week.

Love this game but wow, starting to think that it’s not going to be able to recover from all this. Everyday it gets worse and more depressing. :no_mouth:

The boost problem arose like last thurs or friday, tomorrow will be a full week and all we have heard thus far from the devs is “we are looking into it”.

The lack of action is worse then the original problems. :expressionless:

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They were only in the shop once but speed boosts were available everyday in the lab up until yesterday

Yep, and somewhere in the amazonian rainforest, there is a 100% reliable cure for cancer.

It doesn’t help if nobody can find it.

As frustrating as it is to get clobbered by an insane Utar, I’m actually kind of enjoying this “clash of the titans” era. You never know what will happen. Will you win 3-0? Will you get 3-0’d? Will it be a close match? Always a surprise. But yeah, boosts should be reset to 0 and start this update all over with somebody competent in charge of it. That’s the only way to somewhat fix this mess. People will be mad, but they’re already mad. Can’t get any worse (until tomorrow when they surprise us with another new bug! Haha)


Well they need to start being honest that’s a good start.
Like I say I thought boosts were a extremely bad idea to begin with hours of leveling dinos spending coins and searching for the elusive dna you need seem all worthless now with boosts in effect.

I thought it was pretty common knowledge how to obtain speed boosts lol. And as many speed boosted dinos as everyone complains about, apparently so did everyone else

Guess you thought wrong.

theres no need to “restart” the system. its easier just to revert to one point rather then reverting all the way.


oh, crap.