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Look How Much Blood - Is Seeking Players

Hello everyone!

Our Alliance, “Look How Much Blood” is searching for some players to join family! We are an existing Alliance under new Leadership by Timmy What Is It

What We Offer:

  • A friendly discord community.
  • 100% raid completions using strategies created by our members (as well as some others).
  • Tier 8 Championship rewards this last Championship.
  • 9/10 on Alliance Mission but will strive for 10/10 under new leadership.
  • Currently we are not involved in a Co Op but will be working to strategize our sanctuaries within our Alliance to be Co Op ready in the future.
  • Knowledgeable players of all aspects of the game.
  • Advancement into Timmy What Is It if expectations are met.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Level 20 Players.
  • Players who can do 10 takedowns in the Tournaments. If that’s all you want to do, that’s fine with us.
  • Players who complete their Daily Missions each day.
  • Our goal is 10 incubators opened, 20 battles complete, 100 direct hits, and 50 supply drops spun a day. Your daily battle incubator opened if needed or stacked for the next rank. Same with interactions. Don’t waste them by not using them though.
  • Friendly people who would like to grow and meet some new friends.
  • Someone who appreciates structure and can follow simple directions or request when needed.
  • Discord is mandatory for our teams.

We are a pretty laid back Team and would like to grow over time and would love to meet some new friends.

Join our discord and reach out to me, message me on here, or on discord. Discord would be easiest for me.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Phil 929#0500


Phil really knows his stuff and TWII and KFS are amazing guilds that put up the numbers for sure :slight_smile:

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Hello all we are seeking players to fill our team. Looking for level 20 players who want to continue to grow.

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We are seeking some new players. We just got 10/10 today and plan on keeping that rolling! Come check us out.

Please remember that all potential new members must have * DISCORD * as it is one of the requirements because 100% of all our alliance members use it. This leads to faster communication between members and links to as many raid battles as you can handle or want on all the days that raids are active.

Level 20 players with strong teams of dinosaurs or players who are building up your dinosaurs to be a formidable force are most welcome to join us, just send a private message to Phil and he can link you into the discord site to help you get started.

We are a group of players who have come together that enjoy playing this game and , tactical strategies for battles, ways to make your game more playable, plus players who seek to build up formidable teams to enter into the alliance tournaments that take place each week. You are welcome to join us or drop us an inquiry any time with any questions you may have on how everything works on our discord site.

This is a group of alliances that can and will help you go far in the game if you have the drive, energy, passion and the ability to enhance your game dramatically, so come check us out on our discord site NOW… ( Please contact Phil for all details >>>> Phil 929#0500, queries, or questions you may have about joining our group … We look forward to seeing you there in the very near future.
Kind regards
Member of the LHMB Alliance ( Look How Much Blood ) :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: