Look how they've massacred my boy (Albertocevia)

Its like they looked at the beautifal regality that was Edaphocevia and decided “we have to change the design somehow” so they just decided to suck all the joy and color from its body. Ive wanted to put Edaphocevia on my team for a long time and it finally gets a hybrid and they get rid of everything that made it great. What happened to the gorgeous tan and the stripes? The huge sail?? Unfortunate massive downgrade


Design wise i like it. Needs more and brighter blue

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It’s the same design as Edaphocevia, but with the Albertosaurus head, Ludia and Jam City could have put more effort into the design.


I feel like it could have had more colours carried over from edaphocevia, I still like it though


Needs way more color
Maybe they could change it like with SR3


Why does the face remind me of Dakotanops?

They did not!

I was upset albertosaurus got the new hybrid after I maxed albertospinos. Now I can careless. The pic made it look like a bipedal awesome creature similar to Spino. It’s just an iguana. Meh.


And maybe edaphocevias spikes

Design isn’t too bad but he could be more colorful

'‘Its just an iguana!!’ :laughing::joy::rofl:

Nearly fell off the sofa!


Don’t want anymore

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Am so disappointed
They took everything amazing about Edaphocevia away


Same thing as indoT i bet, too lazy to make a rex rig swap in attack. Just copy and past parasauthops animation.

Edit - People hate para well youve got another swapper who can deal 3k dmg :+1: through dodge


This makes me think of the same treatment that acro got turning into one of these things. So much potential to be a crazy looking bipedal and it got the lizard thing it got. Now albertosaurus too. Why?!? :weary: it’s like they are cousins now.

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Parasauthops I think it’s awesome
However Albertocevia is just annoying
Why another gorgonopsid animation when they could have made a tyrannosaur with a sail


No joke i think they are pretty much the same dino.
Both distract
Both hit through dodge
Both go through shield
Both have a counter
Both can heal
Both have high swap in dmg
Both have a group hit
Both have revenge
Both have priority type moves

Of course there is some differences but they are very similar.

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This thing. So the acro looks awesome. So instead of taking advantage of that and making a mean bipedal Rex thing. We get this. Don’t get me wrong, the colors and design look great but that design on a bipedal would be amazing.


i think bipedal would look amazing as well. but i also feel like ludia wanted to give a bit of variety and not make something so similar to albertospino. i think that was the wrong choice since spino and rex rigs are very different.


More surprised he’s that fast. Did more expected him to be rather slow like parasauthops