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Look what was on my map this morning!

Look what I see on my map this morning… and not near a park either!!!


Could there be an aquarium around?

Nope… not for miles… also 2 more just popped up right after that one as well… caught all 3!!!

Huh? 3!? Is it counting people’s aquariums at home or something? :slight_smile:
Lucky you!


I’m in a residential neighborhood

Not sure why… but glad I got them

pretty sure as long as google says its a park when searching, you can still get park spawns. I’ve gotten tenontos like that. No banks around and the area wasn’t dark green.

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Yeah maybe! I was just so shocked to see them out and about

Well did you dart it? Don’t leave us hanging now…

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Yes I darted 3 in total this morning

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Nice, my luck continues though in NY Central Park (I am visiting NY, not living there) … caught 4x of them today and 2x of them were just with-in same circle range …

Is Carbonemys spawn rate upped by Ludia? If yes then its good :slight_smile:


As well they should be, if they can’t fix the park spawn and scent problem with a quick hot fix then they should release all parks spawns globally until they can fix it.

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I live in Brooklyn NY but visit Central Park a lot…I get about 3 of them when I visit each time! I managed to get mine to level 18 so far… and in my alliance we have about 10 in sanctuary so I get a decent amount of dna daily for it. I should have the hybrid soon! I’m not sure if they upped the spawn rate but they should have it global until they fix the park spawns for everyone!

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Send some of those turtles over here, please!

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Lol… will do!