Lookig for active alliance

Hi, I am a 5000+ trophy lvl20 player and I am looking for a new alliance as my current one is unfortunately not making enough progress.

I am hoping to join an alliance that can (and will) complete both incubators and has a sanctuary strategy.

I am pretty active and contribute a lot to each goal every week.

We rank 4/3. So far with 25 active players. We would love to have you TJC2019

Our Alliance has finished 4/4 during in Alliance Mission goals the last few weeks. We removed a couple of inactive players earlier today. We welcome you to join Pounce Global.

“CrunchCrew” would love to have you! We hit 4/4 last week, but we used to hit 5/4. I am currently weeding out non actives, and have been adding some great contributors lately. Hoping to get back to the 5/4 scores.

Most alliances should hit 5/4 minimum . Haven’t seen any 5/5’s but I’m sure there some that battle 4000 battles in a few days lol

Our alliance hits 5/4 every week. Finish exploration with 3 days left


We have been 5 and 5 the last 3 weeks straight and are way ahead of pace on defense already rank 3 in 50 battles.

Will be rank 4 exploration in less then 10 hours.

Probably only our alliance and apex predators that hit 5 and 5 consistently.

We are 5/4, looking for an active player. If interested, please contact me on discord. cakemom13#2854

Why go 5 and 4 when he can get 5 and 5.

I’m surprised not more 5 and 5 alliances. All those extra easy tower battles last week. Hundreds of them when you add them up for whole alliance, as well as extra incubators and a tournament going on, better DNA on defense. I guess if an alliance couldn’t get rank 5 defence last week they never will. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Hello mrgale
Your presence would be most welcome in our alliance as we strive to complete the highest levels
in the weekly alliance reward tasks as possible currently we have vacancies for 6 new members
please have a look and see what you think of us ??
RampagingBirds alliance :smirk: :roll_eyes: :smirk: