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Looking 4 an alliance

Fond of this game, I’m looking for a very active alliance. Actually, in mine, activity isn’t enough so I can’t improve my level (9) as I would like to. I play every day and make regular donations. Let me know if you may be interested in my profile ! Thank you. (ps : english isn’t my mother tongue, sorry for mistakes)

Sent message.

What is your mother language?

My mother language is french. I also can speak english but my grammar isn’t perfect :slight_smile:

Bleh don’t worry about that I’m from a very rural village… You should hear my grammar when I speak
“Taint Naw way we gOn be getting this here job dun ta day cuz we taint got no 2 bah 4 left”

hahaha so funny ! :joy::joy::joy:

No it ain’t lol the company I work for is all polish guys like native speaking lol.

Lots of what huh and what did you just says all day