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Looking 5/5

Hi, I’m looking for an alliance with 5/5.
I am an active player, top player … If any 5/5 alliance seeks 1 player let me know.

Leave the name of the aliance for more knowledge. Thank you

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try dracohunters @Dinocop


Im not in that alliance anymore.

If u are a top player what alliance are u currently in?

thanks but i will keep looking

I have a feeling I know who u are…:slight_smile:

I know there was a guy from the leaderboard just kicked out of dracohunters and now you are posting all over looking for a 5 and 5 alliance and you are from the leaderboard…:slight_smile:

I didn’t understand when you said you’re gone

Mmmm I don’t know that alliance

Well that’s good. Cause that guy wasnt active or a team player.

I don’t know what to say about something I don’t know

but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

gone so soon?

What do mean so soon ? Lol I was there for months and the last 2 of those months were 5 and 5. Just left this morning cause of a certain player. Nothing to do with the alliance. Now in another 5 and 5 alliance.

so all that you preached and all it took was one player to get you to leave… doesn’t help with your credibility when you recruit


Lol. I’m done with that too.

well. credibility in general :joy: goodluck in your new alliance. just know that 5/5 doesnt mean much more then no fun.

I have fun wherever I play.

I don’t understand Anything


but please don’t fight here :slight_smile:

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Im BRunner :slight_smile:

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This thread made my day.
I’m DYING :joy:
@Pateradactyl and @Dinocop doin their thing and the OP is just like:
Thanks for the laugh, guys :ok_hand:t2: