Looking an active player

For kill 10 star Alpha… if you interested in send me a msg

Still looking for a strong player

Still looking for active players for one spot

One spot opeeeeeen

Still looking for

Where are you guys?

Join us if you are active player for 10 stars Alpha. We are kicking inactives…

Still looking for 2 spot open for fabulous fighters

One spot open for 10 stars Alpha

Hi, I just started and at 2800bp
Are you still looking for a player?
Will be very active

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At least must be 5000bp


One spot open…

We are so strong team join us !

Still looking for…

Still willing to join. 3300bp :stuck_out_tongue:

I guarantee killing 10 stars every day !!!
One spot open !!!

Am interested, current BP about 7k

Chicken is with us now, and one spot open again…

Still looking for one active player