Looking back at 2021, in a Jurassic World Alive perspective

This post is not to complain, but just a way to remember all the wonderful additions to Jurassic World Alive. As, even though they’re updates were small that doesn’t mean they didn’t add a lot of great features over the course of the year.

I’ll categorize this post into 3 parts. New creatures, new features, and meta changes.

So here is a quick breakdown of 2021 in a Jurassic World Alive perspective (-:

New Creatures

Exactly 50 new creatures were introduced in 2021, just down by one to the year prior. Of those 50, two were common, nine were rares, fifthteen were epic, fourteen were legendary, six were unique, and four were apex.

Near the start of the year we got some new special types of dinosaurs. They are continental exclusives. However this was highly disliked in the community and therefore they didn’t add another one again.

Following the continentals, Ludia added an array of a new special type of dinosaurs. Flocks! These little guys added many new mechanics to the game overall adding more complexity to the battling gameplay. As much as these dinos’ sound effects are annoying, they overall helped the PvP arena get less stall after it being dominated by swappers for such a long time. Maybe even a bit too much because with help from the unique flock + SC3 the meta totally shifted in just 2 months.

Closing out 2022, a new type of apex was introduced! This one available exclusivity via fusing. And with the arctodus being so rare to find it has given all end-game players or dedicated hunters a very grindy end to 2021.

In my opinion, my favorite creature out of all the creatures added in this update is Albertosaurus. It is one of my favorite dinosaurs irl so it would make sense if it was a favorite in JWA too.

What is your favorite dino released in 2021? Answer in the comments (-:

New Features

The features throughout 2021 were honestly quite dull compared to past years. Nevertheless there are still some ones to highlight!

We began this year with Achievements 2.0, a solid new feature that instructed us to do random challenges for rewards. This would have gotten old but thankfully Ludia continues to add more every update, keeping us on our toes to complete them all, and making it sure it doesn’t become as dead as the old achievements.

Soon afterwards we got a special poll. The community could vote on a future new creature and feature for Jurassic World Alive! I think this is great and I really did like that Ludia added player input. (even though my last choices for both won…)

To start of the summer Ludia added recruit-a-friend. But no one actually uses it or cares about this feature so I’m not really going to talk about it.

We closed out this year with a couple of great features too! Campaign 2.0 was implemented which basically gave us free rewards for very little effort which is welcomed (-: They also said they’re implementing new tournaments, but because they haven’t been implemented in 2021 it doesn’t count.

My favorite feature was achievements 2.0 from 2021. What is your favorite feature of 2021? Answer in the comments (-:

Meta Changes

The meta was wild this year. Perhaps with the intent of greed by Ludia. Nonetheless, it changed several times. Here are some of its highlights:

We started with Ceramagnus and Hadros Lux dominating. These were by far the top of the meta. This remained unchanged until some new dinos came along 6 months after. Compsocaulus and Scorpius Rex Gen 3 were introduced, with their introduction they kinda told tryko, dioraja, and magna to go away making the trio tumble from the top of the meta. In 2.9 Ludia decided to buff the strongest creatures even more, but then in 2.10 they realized they made a huge mistake and so they nerfed them into the ground. Additionally in 2.10 they added Indotaurus and Phorurex which sadly pushed the new unique flock out of the meta ;-; 2.11 added parasaurathops and then 2.12 added valias which expanded the meta even more.

The meta wasn’t just based on new creatures however. Skoonasaurus dominated after its changes in 2.7 making it one of the top 3 best creatures currently. And the formidable unique deer joins the kings of the meta after a humongous buff in 2.9. Honorable mentions: Antarticovenator and Spinoconstrictor have also been buffed big time and help create the current meta after the 2.9 changes.

Start of the year tier list:

End of the year tier list:

My favorite creature to enter the meta is spinocon, I love snakes! What is your favorite new meta creature of 2021? Answer in the comments (-:


And that wraps up 2021 in a Jurassic World Alive perspective! As much as this year has added generally less content than the pass years it is still great to see that the employees of Ludia are still working strong to try to continue to make this game interesting and fun. With all that being said I am excited and hopeful on the exciting things to come in 2022 for Jurassic World Alive especially with the new Jurassic World movie just around the corner in a few months!

Thank you for reading and if you have anything I missed be sure to tell me. Happy 2022 everyone!


Honestly I am really excited to see what ludia has planned for 3.0 even though it may be a few months away. I am curious to see what it will bring to the game


Me too. Fingers crossed for gigantosaurus to finally come with its tease in the 5 minute prologue :crossed_fingers:


I wonder what new creatures will be in. Depending we get 3.0 it probably will be something game changing.So overall my predictions on what expansions we can expect

  1. New gen 3s
    Scorpius is the only gen 3 creature by now so it’s very likely that we’ll get more of them later on. With the introduction of fuseable apexes we even might get an indoraptor gen 3. Although they’re probably reskins they could add realistic versions of creatures that have already a gen 2
  2. Hybrids for non uniqe s hybrids
    Now that fusions are no longer restricted to 3 creatures we hopefully get fusions for old s hybrids like stegodeus or Monostegotops. Although they could also be used for apexes
  3. Expansion to new and old rigs
    Although many have gotten new members some should have an expansion. The archaeopteryx, and bear rig need Commons and Epics while the coelurosauravus rig needs epic and rares. Some older rigs also lack commons and epics
  4. More two creature uniques and non hybrid legendaries.
    Like with gen 3s these probaby have an expansion too
  5. New canon dinosaurs and creatures .
    With the show camp cretaceous and jurassic world dominion we sure can expect new lore animals making their debut in jwa. And some older canon creatures like ceratosaurus and corythosaurus are missing so it would be nice having them
  6. Aquatics
    Although it might be complicated adding marine creatures many players want them. And they’re canon so they should be in a jurassic saga game

I hope they buff the old and useless unique and Legendary, like they did with antarc, skoona, testa, spinoc.

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Let’s just hope we don’t get the testa situation again when they’ll buff some weak uniqes. A buff i would like would be for refrenatem, coelurosauravus and all non hybrid rhinos

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I hope to see things ease off for while regarding the meta and the ever changing usefulness of the top dinos. I realise this may upset the top players who enjoy the challenge of getting the next ‘best’ Dino first, but for the average player like me it’s frustrating to get a team together and boosted only to find half of the team no longer relevant.

How about doing an update that sorts out the bugs instead of adding more?
Months after Mortem was supposedly buffed as it wasn’t performing as well as it should (Ludia’s words) it still doesn’t do what it should!
Samsung s21 phones are a mess when playing the game and it’s supposedly the best phone out there.
Various other bugs that should be easy fixes are left time after time which make the game an unnecessary grind.

My favourite Dino added is Phorurex, and the new campaign would be great if there weren’t so many impossible tasks.


Yessir I one 100 percent agree

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My favorite creature added in 2021 by far is Indotaurus. It’s currently rivaling Antarctovenator for my favorite creature in the game. Despite the bipedal/quadropedal debate, I think it has one of the best designs in the game, and a really good pure fierce was very much needed. With Antarctovenator added in 2020 and Indotaurus added in 2021, I hope a new potential favorite creature gets added this year!


My favorite creature from theses updates where the common orange flock and my favorite hybrid was parathrops

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