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Looking clan

Active clan, 4850 of force.

Hello luan santos!,we are an active clan,and will be happy to have you,if you are interested in joining us please leave your battle tag here and i will invite you,thanks!

UanluTh is my nick

clan active, 4850 force, preferably Brazilian

Pardon me… You have a clan or you’re looking for one?

I’m looking for

Okay… I could make you an offer, I guess, mine is global and all, but we haven’t reached 4000BP yet. So, good luck. :wink:

@itami Somehow it got to my mail instead.

My reply got to your email ?

@itami Yes… It seems you pressed “reply” on the right side under my comment instead of “reply to all” on the bottom center, and there’s a typo that didn’t let you tag the other person properly, at the same time. I don’t know if Lyan is going to be notified this way.

I’ll try again

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Luan santos,give me your battle tag,you will find it when you click on the level you are at in the game,you will find a number that comes after your’ll find like this:uanluth#… Give me that number that comes after your nick

Are you still looking for a clan to join?