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Looking for 10* public clan

Confirming that I’m no longer looking for a clan. Thanks Double Dragon clan for taking me on!

I know you are search for a public clan. If that does not work out, I can offer you a spot in LionHeart. Either way I wish you luck finding what is best for you.

@Crackercraft You are welcome to join our clan: Double Dragon. We are a public clan, been around since day 1 of clans, 10 star loop. We ask new members to participate daily, deal a min of 100k per alpha and have a team of 5k+BP. Currently made up of a good mix of heavy hitters and strong intermediate members. No discord or FB necessary. Good group of folks, low stress pressure. Feel free to join if interested.

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Awesome. Thanks @7DayDino. I’ll try to join Double Dragon.

Thanks @Chris_Jacobson

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@Crackercraft I got an error when I entered your username saying player not found, please try to join again, there is a spot open now.