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Looking for 2 members for either Drogons Dracarys OR Rhaegal Rising. 9 star and 7 star clans

We need 2 players for either Drogons Dracarys or for our sister clan Rhaegal rising if you meet either requirement let me know :slight_smile: Drogons Dracarys is on 9 stars currently and Rhaegal rising is currently on 6 stars players have the ability to swap between clans as well. For those that want to play more competitively or those that want to slow down a little :slight_smile:

Do You want me on your clan ?

@Doume messaged you

Its ok for me . How i can join your clan ?

@Doume just message me when your around and I’ll get an invite to you :slight_smile:

Vicarium #3277

  • 6,300+ BP and still improving different team setups
  • Daily Player
  • I attack the Alpha boss as soon as it starts
  • Can easily pull 125k+ on Alpha
  • English Speaking
  • I have Discord
  • Never sit full on energy

@Vicarium messaged you

I have 5.8kBP, I am active but my English is not so fluent so I don’t use discord.
I can?

My Nick is Eleon # 7368

Hey there, looking for an active clan. Daily player. BP 6200+. image

We are still looking for ONE player for either clan :slight_smile: let me know if you meet the requirements if you can add me on discord as I forget to check here sometimes. My discord is eurecka13#1631

Sure! I’d love to join! Couldn’t find you on Discord. Still a little new to it, but send me a link or invite. Sunny#7072

@bichsonnn I sent you an invite on discord let me know if you get it :slight_smile:

We are still looking one For either clan!

5500+ BP, never full on battle points. Focus on Alpha 6-7 battles per Apha

Eager to join.

Messaged you

Looking for one more that wants to farm 10s with Rhaegals
And two more to join balerions on 9s