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Looking for 2 spots in a new alliance

Hello dino friends! My roomie & I (mostly me) are currently carrying our alliance, and we’re looking for a more active one to join up instead; I think most of our folks quit the game. :frowning: I’m hovering just under 3k trophies at the moment (losing streak, yo), and she is around 2300, but we both play every day. I would love to throw my efforts into an alliance that’s full of active people and see how great the rewards can get! Anyone have space for us to join you?

talk to @Tori_baugh

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There is a Facebook group for alliance recruitment. You’d find a home there really fast. Looking for active new members? Or want to find the right alliance for you? Head over to Jurassic World Alive Alliances [link removed]

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I mean, Virginia USA is my alliance.
Feel free to join, but I’d have to kick a few players first… and that’s hard when they’re all active…

We have 3 open spots in HeWasNumber1. Most of our players are very active. Just let me know if you’re interested.

Hi! We had an alliance of 50 players, but half were inactive. So the top 25 quit and started JWA Fever. You are welcome to join, we are looking for daily active players :slight_smile:

We have an alliance and would love to have you both. No crazy rules, just be active. Check us out, we would be happy to help you guys out. JWA MISSOURI is the alliance name. Thanks