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Looking for 3 active clan member (3900+)!

Hello Vikings!

My Clan “Ruhrpott Dragons” is looking for new and active member.
The Clan exists since the first day in this game and consists of 22 vikings at the moment. Unfortunately we have got a lot of inactive members so i am looking here for some new and motivated guys. It would be good if your team have over 3900 points!

At the Moment i am looking for 3 new vikings, so we can get down the alphas. Today we get down our first 4**** star alpha and we need your support to get the 5*****, too!

If you are interested you can reply this post or join our clan ingame :slight_smile:

My team: 5420
-Ruhrpott Dragons-

Thread has been updated! Still looking for active members which can fight 5-6 times a day!
Please contact me if your dragon points (BP) are over 3900.