Looking for a 4th alliance or co-op (based in Europe, Asia or Australia) to join our North American coop

Greatness Co-op (of 3 alliances) is looking for a 4th++ alliance or a co-op, preferably with 1-2 players who have high level boosted dinos (100+ sanctuary points) who live in Europe, Asia or Australia,

so that such dinos can be placed in those time zones (when our shared sanctuary levels up and spots open)

our top boosted dinos give 163, 153, 152, 146 and 128 points, plus 6 dinos of ~100 points

we have a server with a reminders bot (sesh), and we are looking for a friendly alliance to join our family-friendly and politics-free co-op of busy working people :slight_smile:

Contact @Umai (discord Umai#3764) or leaders Cody#0232 (alliance Tyrannotitans) jackdizzy#7366 (alliance Elite) Boston401#8995 (alliance AR Justice League)