Looking for a 9/9 or 10/10 Alliance

Hey everyone. After about a year and a half my old alliance has finally parted ways. I am now, unexpectedly, looking for a new alliance in the 9/9 to 10/10 range. I play easily 4 hours a day and range at about 5850-6050 in trophies. I am looking for any alliances that need another very strong player and contributor. Let me know if anyone within this range of achievement would be interested in having me. Thank you so much in advance!

PS: I love to donate, and have LOADSSSSS OF DNA so I can help with all meta donations!

Apply to Pounce Global we are 10/9

The Land down under would be happy to have you. 10/9 alliance with access to two level 20 shares sanctuaries.

JWA SG is looking for 1 member

The Land Down Under is a great option! Friendly group with a great leader! :slightly_smiling_face: