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Looking for a alliance


Looking for a alliance who actually dontes back and are active…
im level 12 and put some money in the game so I can help donate to the alliance…


Blessed Skies


I wish you luck in your search! As much as I wanna recommend my own alliance, it might not be quite what you’re looking for. lol Don’t get me wrong, everyone donates when we can, but we’re all currently working on our own hybrids, and some of us will ignore donations for dinosaurs we need ourselves.

If that’s fine with you, than by all means, look us up. We’re called Chaos Kings. But if I’m getting the correct impression, it sounds like this could be an issue for you at times, which is fine. Otherwise, happy hunting! I hope you find the kind of Alliance you’re looking for!




Haha ye I did sound like a greedy arsehole haha…
No just that I give around 5k dna out a week to my old alliance and received maybe 100 dna per request if I was lucky just looking for a alliance that’s works as a team not individuals that care for themselves… If ya get me
But if u want I’ll join you if u want to give me a chance



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Ok, my post was hidden temporarily… I wish it told me why, I don’t want to be breaking the rules by accident!! Anyways, tl;dr, I guess?

I wasn’t trying to imply you were being greedy about the donations. I was simply trying to wish you luck. lol I had one guy quit my alliance early on because he got nothing ONE TIME. That guy was being greedy about it!! Sorry if I came off as a bit condescending about your post. That wasn’t my intention, it just happens a lot on accident. lol

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All good dude think it was my language or looked like we were gonna fight haha
Well if u want I’ll join see if we can get stuff going I’m only playing a month so I not up in the hybrid just yet was 3.1k in trophies but bad string of lick in down to 2.7ish


If you’re willing to give us a shot, by all means! I like to think my alliance is mostly about the atmosphere rather than the donations. If it turns out this alliance isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can always leave later on. Everyone’s super nice and would understand. Except when it comes to that one guy from earlier. In my opinion, he was clearly in the alliance for the wrong reasons.

Edit: Also, just a heads up, me and my friend are both going after Thoradolosaur. So neither of us will donate Tarbo or Allo for a while. I’m not sure about his exact stance on it as I’ve never thought to ask him, but I personally start donating again after I’ve unlocked what I’m going after.


I’m gunning for irex it’s at 18 now ha
Ye sure my gamer names Garry so drop a 0 and look out for me…
I loves the chats too my guys are dull

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