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Looking for a Canadian/north American alliance?

Hello! I am trying to find an alliance that might be slightly more active/talkative and located in Canada/north west preferably?? Love this game but that would deff help lots xD. Wish we could just search in app for them by location lol but oh well lol.

I hope anyone reading this is having a great week so far anyway and I hope to hear from some alliances soon



Hi! Talk to @Tori_baugh she’s the leader, we have a great alliance!


Hi, the alliance I’m in is called TaWannaWampa and we’ve got members from 500 trophies all the way up to top500 players. I believe most of our players are from NA but I can confirm that me and at least 3 other of my alliance members are from Canada! Send us a request if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Hey, hope you’re week is going great as well. We are definalty an active alliance, we love sharing new ideas and achievements with eachother. We’d love if you’d consider us. Just PM me with your info and I’ll have a request to you within the hour or you can send me a request. Our alliance is called HeWasNumber1