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Looking for a Casual Alliance

Just left my old alliance, great group, just too many AFK or gone, and not really any raid/tournament/sanctuary support.

I play most days for at least a little bit, try and fill requests as I can, I don’t mess up organized sanctuaries, and I always get my 10 takedowns for tournaments.

Any chill alliances out there that would have me?

Send me a pm

We would be happy to have you

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Mine is chill…but probably too chill. I’m purging it this weekend to try to breathe some life into it. Would be happy to have you.

image Newraptors is in the casual category of alliances with a great active group of daily players doing raids and tournaments. If interested send a join request.

You will be welcome at Joe1JJ. Join us

I’m happy to say the op has found a new home with us!

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Thanks all for your offers and quick responses!

Legends is always looking. Casual but active alliance