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Looking for a clan (7.2K)

Hey there! I’m looking for a Clan. I was a really active user (my team is currently at 7.2K), I used to play daily, but due to personal issues I had to leave the game. Now I’m back and ready to beat alphas!

My user is Joseto #1038.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Jtomas,

The Talking Fishbones clan is looking for 1-2 heavy hitters to slay 7* alphas. If you feel that this is not below your expectations, you are welcome to join us.

Timberjackovs could use your help! We’re working on 5 stars. We were taking down 7 stars easily until our “leader” bailed.

Fury Guardians Alliance has a nice offer for you, see pm.

:fire:someone of your level needs a top tier clan. HMU. Our top tier never loses to a 10*alpha​:fire:

Hi :wink: Tomas, join us … we have strength 11k, you 7k would be 18k in total :slight_smile: I invite you to such a move on your part-thanks :slight_smile: