Looking for a decent alliance

Hi, i just returned to the game and i want a decent alliance, english speaking.
I have 4000 trophies and 14 level.
Preferably with discord and high tier alliance missions. Im active 1-2 hours a day

Join, goblet of fire,

Does it have discord?
Also are the misions good?
I mean not the rewards, how much do you get, ex. 10/10, 8/10

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8-9 weekly incubator, and we have discorde but not optional, we always fill request and we only need you to be active, have 500+ trophee and do your tournament



Imma just search goblet of fire

Here are pic,

tbh a lot of players are kinda low
Im gonna leave myself with this for tommorow

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So do yo want too join or not, we also filled up request and help on raid

Hey! Run Fossil Run has room for more players. We reach 8:8 weekly and do 8 in the tournament. We are part of ARK sanctuary Co-Op and have 3 level 20 sanctuaries. Send me a PM is your interested

Just a general note for the OP and anyone else alliance hunting: If you’re looking for a 10/10 alliance, your share of Tier 10 Defense is 16 battles and 8-9 incubators per day. Your share of Tier 10 Exploration is 132 darts, 70 direct hits, and 23 supply drops per day. (That implies even mission leveling, so it won’t be that exact.)

If you want rank 8/9 in alliance championships, you must do your 10 takedowns every weekend. If you want 9/10 in championships, you will likely be asked to get 1000+ medals (not points) every weekend.


Come visit us we’ll chat

I just applied…ll 9, 563 pts and gowing fast.
need more active alliance, hent found one that helps yet.

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To Goblet of Fire alliance that is!..
will apply to more.

Applied to Lost Legion as well.
Ironjaww is my ingame name.

Ask not what the alliance can do for you, ask what you can do for your alliance thank you for pointing that out. :ok_hand::rose: