Looking for a Few Good Members

Looking for a guild? Join WreckingCrawl now! We have StandingWarrior, so we are awesome!

A compassionate guild they forgave me for dropping to third place! Please join if you are an active requester and donor. We even have a lot of Jarlaxle pilots so hopefully we will be trading his gear sooner than most. And if they ever let us donate Epics you’ll be calling me StandingSana!

It’s true! We’re pretty awesome. And good looking. Come join us and you will be, too.

Still looking for members? :slight_smile:

We have one opening at the moment!

Another space has opened up if anyone is looking!

I joined when this post first came up. They seem like a good group and most gear requests get filled very quickly

Same as @Mkb617

If there is room, I would be interested in joining. The leader of my last guild has gone inactive. I’m coming from the same guild as Airborne and AngryJawa.

CptTinman in game, renown 18, heroes in level 14/13 range. Was 3400ish in pvp before the recent reset. It isnt letting me request to join the guild right now.

I’m like to join as well. I’m close to renown 20 and most my heroes are in the 16-13 range.

Currently full but I will update if spots open. Guild Leader is trying to be fair and only remove people who are inactive do seems to drop one or two at a time.

How do you know if they are inactive? - In my previous guild no matter how much I donated, the counter for me would always read zero

I’d like to join - will look out for a spot occasionally :wink:

I’m not sure but good to know about the problem recording donations. I think it is a combination of trophy count movement and seeing donations. We only recently added a few members.

Just opened up another slot, so if you still want to request to join,
I will keep an eye out for you!

I would request to join if I could actually connect to the game

I’ll send a request then :slight_smile:

I’ve deliberately dropped to arena 7 for test of might but usually breakbone league and recently just snuck into labyrinth

Not big on selling stuff at shop so happy to fill requests

FYI It’s unusually bad form to recruit in another guild’s recruitment thread. How would you feel if someone posted a version of your comment your thread?

I think what you say Retsamerol on the surface makes sense and I appreciate the attempt to keep things fair and above board. You’re probably right from a protocol standpoint but I’m a member of Fergie’s guild WreckingCrawl and I can say I’m not offended by Gavin’s cross-post. He seems to be saying our guild should get priority but if it is full he is offering another option. So far we have filled our vacant spots really quickly so I think there is enough to go around at the moment.

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My apologies. I will remove the post. Wasn’t trying to overstep. Thanks for letting me know politely.


Wow, guys! This has to be the most polite forum conflict I have ever seen!

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