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Looking for a friendly active alliance

Hello all :sweat_smile:

I just started last week but I’m player level 9, almost 10, just did my first raid this morning and am trying to do more but my alliance just isn’t near active enough. I’m getting top contributor on a lot of the alliance challenges and I feel like I would be better suited to a more active group. I know my team is pretty weak right now but I’m sure I can grow real fast with the right friends. I’ve been playing 6-10 hours a day (which I understand is probably excessive) but I was just trying to get the hang of things, crush the alliance challenges, and get to raids as fast as possible. If you think I could make a decent contribution to your alliance and would consider giving me a shot, please say so as I would love to join up with some more like minded new pals. I’m posting my current top team below for reference. Thanks in advance! :+1::grin::mouse2::t_rex:

I just started a new alliance and although we are small we’re active and we’re continuing to try and grow and expand. If you’re willing to deal with this then we’d love to have you! Having a discord is preferred.

Msg me on discord JustAGirlOnDiscord #2245

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We have a couple of spots open at ‘Mass Extinction’. You’re below the level we normally recruit but if you’re playing that regularly we’d be happy to have you.

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Sweet thanks, sounds good

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes look for active members. if you are interested. leader arme84 #1337

Hey @csggene3!

I think I have an alliance that would suit you perfectly! Here’s some info…

  • Extremely active raiding team, capable of even defeating apex bosses!

  • Immense alliance rewards, which will sky rocket your game into success! (10/8 M & 8 C)

  • Superb sanctuary’s, hosting not 1, not 2, but 3 sancs! This alliance will give all the dna you need

  • Passionate donators, willing to give you almost any dna you ask for!

  • A generally Awesome community with really great, and fun people!

If this is of any interest to you join JWA Paleontology today, if you have any questions be sure to ask me here or in discord (MINMI#4136) hope to see you there :wink:

Oh you are joining @RockCollector1 and Mass-Extinction, your in good hands :slightly_smiling_face: