Looking for a friendly, active clan

Would like to join an active clan, either German or English speaking.

My main team strength is 4766; I am not overly chatty, but am active daily.
Anyone interested?


How much damage do you normally do to the alpha?

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Depending on the boards, an average of 13-15k per attack. Sometimes more.

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Check out „Teutonische Drachenreiter“. We are friendly and active.
I‘m there since yesterday and it feels great.
We are a german clan and you won‘t be forced to anything.

Hope we‘ll See ya.

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Thanks for your reply,@Akatosch.
I will be checking a few clans to find the right fit.
Which level of alpha are you currently fighting?

3* but we can‘t take it down. Sadly.
We are only 5. But we try hard to grow.
You would be a very important step in the right direction.
We could also chat in german if that‘s okay? English is hard for me but I‘ll give my best. :wink:

I might look in later.
Forum language is officially English, so I would prefer to use that here. :wink:

Fair enough. :joy:

Hopefully I‘ll see you later.
Have a nice one.

Hello Witch,

A spot just opened in my clan Dragon Watch. We are planning on killing our first 6-star Alpha today. If you are an active player then I think you would be a great match. Please send me a message soon with your id# if you are interested.

Ahoi @CaptWacky - thanks for your offer. I‘ll be reviewing the clans later today and then make a decision.

I would recommend that you join my clan ASAP if you are interested. You can always leave if it is not a good fit. Otherwise, high probability that the spot will not be available. I have a post on the forums for the Dragon Watch clan, please check it out. Usually, when I post that a spot is available it gets filled within a few hours.

Just wanted to thank you again for the invite and let you know that I have joined another clan for the interim, to see if it is a good fit.
Perhaps at a later date…

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Feel free to join Sons of Odin. Currently barely taking down 5* maybe with your help we can take down the 5* without any problems :slight_smile:

We don’t have discord or any forcing of joining chat groups. Just plain old chatting inside the game. If you want to take a break from the game for 1-2 days just let us know in the chat too.


Hi @Canoning! Thank you for the invite. I am currently in a clan. I will keep you in mind, should it turn out not to be a good fit.
Good luck and good hunting!

Please join the Night and Light furies. We take down 4 stars Alpha’s. We’re from everywhere and use English. Not a chatty group

Hi @Helma_Dijkzeul
As I mentioned above, I am currently in a clan.
Thank you for your invite and good hunting.

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