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Looking for a fun yet still efficient team

We all have our reasons we play - my goals have changed recently.

I’d like to keep running and boosting an all unique team - and I’ve got 9. I’m not sure who to bench.

The more I boost tuo the more I like it, and my dio is so low :frowning: But, dio us good vs erls and indos. My magna is also low, but it helps vs trykos and the occasional utasino. Tuo I love vs thor cause of its ability to take a hit or two and slow it down, but it dies so badly to tryko and erl right now.

I like indo as a magna killer (level allows me not to contend with many speed ties). Tryko is great vs erl but a bit low for vs much else effectively (maybe low magnas). Rinex I love as a 7300 health 2900 dmg 30 thor counter.

And dilo, well, dilo is my beastly baby:


Thoughts on a best team for me in the current meta? I’ll spend boosts as I can appropriately. I can rarely hunt.


Can show boost levels if that helps, though the team is pretty much 6 across the board.

This is a tough one. I would say trade Dio for Magna, but I’m concerned about the rat. I’m guessing your Magna sits around 3600-3800 health, so there’s definitely potential to be one shotted by DC, but you know better than me if that’s a common occurrence. There’s also the possibility that Dio’s lower level helps with matchmaking, so I’d say keep your team how it is. Hopefully this helps. Good luck out there!

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Not 100% sure if legendaries and epics weigh less than uniques, but one of my members has 2 uniques and is a couple hundred trophies above me. I only have one legendary running, 30 Stegod at 662. My erlidom is 23 664 and didn’t bring any help at all. Maybe play with a tank in place of Erli and see what happens. The boosted Dracos sure cause issues and a little armor throws their counting abilities off. Good luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks!!! 3800 health is right- and believe it or not erls 1 shot it more often than rats.

I’ve currently benched dio. It doesn’t help with mm :frowning:

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Thank you!!! I am seeing tanks a lot more lately. I’ve been debating putting my 28 stego back in, but hes not boosted at all. I can’t bring myself to boost a non unique. I’ll give stego a try too :slight_smile: thank you!


Nice team worthgar … good to see you and the family still in the game :+1:

Personally I’d try and get that magna in there …


These are a couple fun teams I like to play.

This one is a bit more of an evil team consisting of bleeders and swap in strikers although Monmimus will be replaced with Dracorex who is in a sanctuary right now. The bleeder team is fun as I knock off boosted Sino’s and Eineas with a bleed and swap in bleed. This would be a bleed and swap in bitters. The swap in stunners might work also but chancing that stun works. That is another variant I can do.