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Looking for a Good Active Alliance

Hi, so yeah, title says it all I guess
Don’t know what to say, but I am looking for an an active alliance. I hope for good tourney and weekly rewards and some raid help(apex help if it isn’t to much to ask although probably is). Idk, I feel like I am asking for a lot, but basically an active good alliance

But anyways, I am lvl 20, been stuck in the aviary forever with around 4700 trophies every season, can get quite a good amount of trophies during tourneys(I do the 10 kills), and I have a few raid worthy creatures(unique and bellow though). And I can’t join discord btw, but I am on the forums if anything like raid strats need to be sent
Here’s my team:
Screenshot_20210201-090308_JW Alive
Game Name thing: SnakeDude 4021
So yeah that’s it, any questions or offers or whatever can be commented down bellow


I can try to get you in my alliance! It’s not the best, but we do get tier 8 in weekly missions, and 380k in the championships. Keep in mind, it is a Spanish alliance, but some members speak English. The leader also tries to translate most of the messages he sends to English too.

I sent a friend request so I can invite you to it

I’ll talk to the leader about it. Hopefully he says yes! We need a few more active players in the tournament.

I just sent you a PM @Snake_Dude :wink:

Hmm, I wonder which alliance Snake_Dude will slither to? :upside_down_face:


I could get u into my one(we’re rougly what you searching for), tho i will have to wait for leaders to respond first, tho most likley not if u can’t join the discord

Tho seriusly why can’t you join the discord?

Maybe strict parents? Mine are pretty strict

Depends how old are u as well, i’m pretty sure it’s actualy agains the forum rules to say ur age tho, but i do remember him saying he studys reptiles, so idk but i kinda doubt it

But this is getting off topic and lets not do that cause this is gonna get closed.

To put it briefly, none of my devices will allow or support it, none, nada. And I can’t afford another device to get discord or anything so I just am unable to use it.
Also I have found an alliance, so thank you all for your offers


Ok then

(A lot of charachters)

Are u still searching @Snake_Dude I am in a pretty good active alliance; some days and times more than others. It is DNArmy if your interested. We don’t require discord too, we do raids often and get moderatly good cups. As well as weekly rewards an although I am not the leader you would make a great fit. PM me if you want further details.

I have found a nice alliance, thank you for your offer!!!

AncientDNA is open (just letting you know)