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Looking for a good active clan

Hello everyone, I’m looking for an active clan, I let you admire my team, I hope to have proposals.

You can come to Fury Guardians. We’re 22/25 currently, active and close to defeating a 4-star. We’re looking to do more in the future.

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:fire:haha very “admirable” dragons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: you can join us - top clan in TU with 4 clans each with thier own damage ranges. Top tier fights 10* alphas. Let’s chat.


Update: We’re moving to 5-stars tonight, if you’re still considering. :wink:

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How about joining us - Winter Veil? :slight_smile: We might not the strongest clan, but we can defeat every 7* and we are working to defeat a 8*. We are players from many places in the world, and we would like to move forward and defeat higher alphas as a team, so our levels vary from 25 to 41.

So, if you join, you might be our best hitter… And also, our alpha chest level is 8 although we just defeat every 7*.

We don’t use discord for gaming. If you do FB, we have a private and fun FB group chat for sharing information and help each other build their team if needed.

We are an opened clan, and there’s an avaiable spot now. You can come anytime to check it out.

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Puis je toujours rejoindre ?

@Ju_Skywalker, if you are looking for an active clan, you can join us, we have a spot,we are very active and we are fighting 8* and 9* alphas, if you are interested please let me know, thanks.

Oui je suis intéressé

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@Ju_Skywalker, great, please send me your ID number and I will invite you, thanks.

Julien1991 #0019

Je n’ai actuellement plus aucunes énergies de clan je les ai déjà toutes utilisées

@Ju_Skywalker, unfortunately, I can’t invite you,you have numbers in your name, and when there is a number we can’t invite players, so the solution is that you have to search for our clan and join, the clan is called: the Canadian beavers, thanks.

Hey @Ju_Skywalker, it seems like its impossible for me nor Itami to invite you as there is currently a bug preventing anyone from sending an invite to anyone that has numbers in their name.

Also i noticed that Itami didn’t capitalize the correct all the letters, which could pose a problem when you try to search the clan, so here it is again: The Canadian Beavers

We’re recruiting if you haven’t found a team yet.

Thread is literally months old, eh

You can join us for 10 stars dragons

Guys this thread is months old, person already has a clan.

Désolé, mais effectivement j’ai déjà un clan maintenant :sweat_smile:

Translated from French:
Sorry, but actually I already have a clan now :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

We have 1 spot in our clan