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Looking for a good alliance to join


I am looking for an alliance for my both accounts.
One is lvl 20 with 5370 trophies v & my alt is lvl 16 with 3900 trophies.
I am very active in the game everyday.

Can do all apex raids
Complete my DBI’S EVERYDAY
Complete my 10takedowns in each tournament .

I would like to join an friendly active English speaking 10/9 alliance and tier 9 rewards in alliance championships with discord for organized raids, and lvl 20sancs . Willing to follow their rules.

I sent you a DM we have space for both accounts in Dinosaur Warriors United. You can message me in discord Fruitloopone#7867

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I sent you a pm, for more information you could message me in discord Rodanradon*5730#6208

Thank you to everyone who offered me to join . I have found a good alliance

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