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Looking for a good Alliance with good active players for raids and donations

i would like to join a good alliance who is very active and does raids and weekly rewards donating dna btw I am not that
big of a good player but i have 2500 trophies and level 10

Hello Indoraptor7. Perhaps you might want to consider Goose Gang2, we along with our Big Brother Alliance Goose Gang led by @MINMI offer help in Raids including Apexes. DNA requests are filled vigilantly too.

Your eligibility should be :

  • 2000 trophies or above. :white_check_mark:
  • Must do 10 Takedowns on Tournaments. More if possible, it would be beneficial.
  • Active Player. This is also, a must.
  • Should compulsorily be on Discord. We have emphasized this for enabling better communication.

Alongside these, would you mind showing us your Team? We could look into it, and let you know if you could be taken in.


So will you take me on your guild

First we’ll have to look into your team, as well as you must meet all the criteria. After that we’ll consider.

so should i give you my uid

Grey#6433 is my id

I really want to join a better Alliance than the one I am in right now i need one which donate does raids weekly incubator, tournaments and Friendly and Active players my level is 10 and my arena points are 2600