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Looking for a good Sanctuary based alliance (LV20 5400BP daily active)

Hi all I’m a daily active LV20 long-term player with BP5400 (highest 56xx) who is looking for a good sanctuary based alliance to join. I open daily battle incubator and clear all daily missions everyday. I hunt dinos very often.
All I want are species-specific sanctuaries with 10+ levels and I’m willing to cooperate with alliance members. If anyone interested to adopt me please tell me! Thanks! :smiley:

Hi, we are a 5/4 alliance. Our alliance is dedicated and helpfull to each other. We have high levelled players but also lower. We now have a level 14 sanctuary. We reached all this with good communication and rules. So joining our discord channel is a requirement. If you will give it a try let me know your ingame name and I will welcome you in BoneRaptors

My ingame name is Hoyi (#9492), I would like to join your alliance, thanks! :slight_smile:

I have sent a request to join your alliance, btw how to join your discord?

I accepted you and have put discord link in gamechat