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Looking for a high lvl alliance

Hi guys I am looking for an alliance that is pretty high lvl. I have 9 uniques and use 6 of them on my team. My trophy count is 4608. (Ill tell you my username when I am ready.)

Hey do you have Discord? @megalodon_gamer825 I’m in a top 50 10/10 mission tier 9 tournament team we have 2 spots to fill.

Hi @megalodon_gamer825 ! I might have an alliance for you. Do you have discord?

U should join JWA Paleontology

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Thank you :upside_down_face:

Minmi don’t you mean megalodon?

Lol no I am very happy in my current alliance thanks though. We have 2 empty spots I’m trying to fill

Sorry bout that @AliciaD1120 lol

It’s all good

No I don’t have discord is it required

Sadly yes. Feel free to dm me if or when you get discord. My discord name is MINMI#4136

Do you perform the min. 10 kills EVERY weekend in tournament ? Your welcome back .