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Looking for a more active clan


I’m a fairly new player, but I’ve joined 3 or 4 clans and none of them chat or play much. We didn’t even defeat this last Alpha. I’d love to join a clan that actually plays and chats, I enjoy getting friendly with my clan! I’m not super high level right now but dedicated and I’ll get there. :slight_smile:

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Hi there. You can come to our clan: Cheo Meu Mon (haha what a dull name).

My clan haves 22 members, but about 12 are very active. We play every day. Now we are on our way fighting a 3* alpha. Hope that you can join us.


Filled your last spot. Thanks!

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Well, now there are 25 people.


hi we are a fairly new clan, 7 members left an inactive clan we started a new clan for active players
everyone is friendly and gets along and we are trying to grow the clan

the clan name is FighterZ