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Looking for a new active alliance


Hi all
I’m looking at joining a new alliance
The alliance I am in is only getting up to level 3 incubators
I play daily and I am one of the top contributors of the alliance. I donate as much as possible.

I am level 13 with 2700 trophies

Please let me know if you have space in your alliance

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If u play daily n never fail doing some battles, especially the daily incubator, willing to play as a TEAM…come to DracoHunter.
We always finished exploration with days remaining, rank 4 for defense, didn’t want to push this as 4000 battles is crazy.
The TEAM is just wonderful, we gv “alliance mission” as priority, so if u wish to join, send your request.
Upon acceptance, leaders will guide u how the team play for the mission.
Just be sure you are “active”…if u wish to join…cause the entire team are active players.


How many spaces do u have?

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AustCorpGen2 is also looking for dedicated members. We are small (only 12) as we’re new, but even this small we get level 3 on exploration incubators and 2 on defense (hard to get daily battle incubators with a small team) We are very active and team spirited and give as much DNA as we can. Feel free to check us out.


Hi Bree! We have 1 spot open in our alliance, YouBetJurassican. Please look us up if you’re interested. Would love to add another active player like yourself. We will probably have another few openings within the next week or 2 after I confirm who’s inactive.

Good luck with your search!


I am from Australia does it matter where your from?


We’re US based, but have at least 1 other member in Europe. It doesn’t matter to us, but we can work on coordinating when the best times would be for you to ask for donations so that more members can see your requests :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks I will send a request after my alliance mission ends tonight

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Great! Just let me know your JWA name so I make sure to hold the spot for you :smile:


It’s bree90

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You can consider “Lords of Jurassic World”. We’re Consistently completing 5-4 alliance missions. If you’re interested then message me

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Hello I’m looking for active player… there are 45 members in our alliance. ClawsUnitedJWA.

Hope you will join this alliance


Sorry Bree…i didn’t see your message as u didn’t reply directly to me but in your own forum, which i only saw now.
If u still interested, reply directly to me after you collected your rewards currently.


We have a few spots in our alliance. Constantly 4 on both and about 300k short of DNA last 2 weeks for rank 5. We are happy where we are and help each other out and looking for a few new people to replace inactives to help us get rank 5. We have gotten rank 5 before but dont care about heavily playing to get there. Just want to have a good time. But must be active and willing to help alliance out. We also have discord. Message me


Thanks everyone I have joined a new alliance

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